Who are we?

We all dream of a world that is fair and just an ideal world where we are all equal in the eyes of the law. The Young Whistleblowers Foundation is a small attempt for that Big Cause. We aim to shed light on the wrongdoings in the various corners of public bodies, thus ensuring transparency and accountability. We want to empower the citizenry about the gaps in the workings of the system that were built to benefit them. We are a non-profit organization fighting for Human Rights, Social Justice, Conservation of Nature, our journey started a decade ago and we are hundreds of RTIs and a PIL old. But beyond these numbers, it is our consistent effort, untiring scrutiny, and scandalous exposures that have often forced the government, public authorities, and agencies to alter their way of working for the betterment of society.

Our partners

“Well, while we understand that every youth cannot be an Activist, but an alert and aware youth is the need of the hour. Hence, with the help of proper education and training programs, we intend to involve this untapped ‘Young India’ in our mission of a better tomorrow.”

Our aim

“We want to reform the system by pursuing specific shortcomings in the governance with the legislative and judiciary. The endeavor is to take the issue to its logical end and not just create sensation. Today, there is a need for change and reforms in all walks of life. We want to be the representatives of common people in taking up the causes that matter the most for people in general.”

Our responsibility

“Having said that, we also understand that it is not at all easy to take on the high and mighty in the government. Therefore, we believe in helping and protecting activists and journalists who are on the same page as us and are harassed or targeted by the system for their work.”

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